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Jubilee Shower Doors was built on offering its customers many advantages that set it apart from every competitor in north Texas. Jubilee customers enjoy the benefits of in-house control of quality, service and value because we are the fabricator.We manufacture your custom glass or mirror order in our fabrication department from measurements taken on the job by our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. Jubilee employees an effective combination of automated glass cutting equipment coupled with hand-finished craftsmanship. Our dual mode processing assures you a timeless quality delivered with an exceptional value.



“Over the years we have enjoyed a fantastic and professional working relationship that has been built on trust and excellent performance from all members of the company. We highly recommend this company for all of your glass needs.” M.D.

"We recently had a glass shower enclosure and new kitchen countertops installed in our home by Jubilee. We are very pleased with the product and with the service. Both crews that installed the glass and the granite were very meticulous, obviously taking pride and responsibility in their work. There was a tiny 'flaw' in a small piece of glass going in the shower. The lead crewman told me he had reordered the piece and would come back to replace it. I could not even find it when looking for it - he had to point it out to me. I really appreciate the integrity and attention to detail. I can not recommend the Jubilee Company enough!" J.J.

"Last year I remodeled a bathroom in our house. For the finishing touch, we hired Jubilee to install a shower door enclosure. We got 3/8" custom frameless shower enclosure with ShowerGuard coating to repel water. We also selected the hardware in Jubilee's showroom. This result is so beautiful and so perfect... I say "Wow!" to myself every time I go in there. Everyone who looks at the bathroom is stunned. The glass looks fantastic. It was a tough install also because we used river rock to cover the floor and it is not even. The installers were total professionals and this thing was installed with such precision it is just astonishing. I highly recommend Jubilee." T.L.

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 At Jubilee Shower Doors, our shower enclosures have evolved into an endless array of sizes, configurations, and hardware selections. Several glass patterns add color and texture to the variations. Our shower doors are available in semi-frameless and heavy plate frameless applications. Jubilee has the qualified personnel to effortlessly guide you through the entire shower enclosure selection, design, fabrication and installation process.

scoring-mirrorFew sensual pleasures equal the simple serenity of a calming shower at the beginning or end of your day, the perfect compliment to an otherwise hectic workday schedule. Our bath enclosures enhance your bathing experience with products that are as beautiful as they are functional by offering the most luxurious aluminum and glass designs as well as all-glass bath enclosures.

We take the time and care to ensure every installation is water-tight with state-of-the-art features including magnetic closures, vinyl seals and drip rails to direct overspray back into the shower pan. Complimenting these features are a huge range of designs, finishes and glass patterns, so you can find the perfect enclosure to meet any expectations.

Our in-house showroom is your hands-on idea center where you can actually see and touch each style to help you determine the best choice for your bathroom architecture.

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Precision fabrication: No job is too
large nor too small for our atomated product
  Computerized cutting: Our heavy
plate glass is computer-cut within thousands
of an inch.



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SHOWER DESIGN FACTS: A "frameless" shower enclosure has no metal framework on any side. The glass is at least 3/8 inch thick and all hinges, handles and towel racks are attached directly to the glass. The glass itself is very strong so does not require a frame. In fact, the glass is so strong it is often used to create a shower enclosure instead of a wall with tile. Glass panels are simply glued together at the corners, creating an open, seamless, transparent look.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

A "semi-frameless" shower door uses glass that is generally 1/4 inch thick. A hinge runs the full height of the glass from bottom to top and the handle hardware is somewhat smaller in scale than with a heavier and thicker frameless door. Semi-frameless shower enclosures use a metal frame around the perimeter of the opening for added rigidity and the glass door may include a magnetic latch.

  Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures




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There's no catch. We simply believe that once you see the incredible styles of glass shower doors and enclosures we offer, and meet our friendly staff, you will want to choose Jubilee. Bring your notes, photos of your bathroom and give us a try. You have nothing to lose. Once again, here's the sign up form for your free design consultation with our in-house experts!


Privacy Policy: We hate spam. We will never
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There's no reason your own bathroom can't be as inviting as any spa or hotel. With our on-site glass inventory, in-house fabrication, designer showroom and more, no one is as committed to delivering a professional installation more than the Jubilee team. On installation day, we'll deliver your new glass machined to exact specifications for a perfect fit and install it with meticulous care.


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In this website, you will find a idea center and image gallery of projects we have completed in the past. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our designers, please contact Jubilee Company at (972) 529-2140.

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