Content: Supporting Visuals & Info

Everything about your imagery, including style, color, and content, contributes to the perception of your brand.

Guidelines for imagery like photography, illustrations, charts, infographics, etc.



The icon style is simple line graphics with single color for the icon and a solid color. Two variants, 1) light background, 2) dark backgound.

Icons are a combination of elements. The icon shall be 60% smaller than the outer circle. 


Icon building diagram



Illustrations shall have a drafting style that are used to show dimensions of products. Lines will be sharp and easy to read text overlays.



Photography style is to always be very clear and sharp when viewing an entire area. When a closeup is used it should have a short depth of field so that the focus is on a small section, bluring out the background. 

Example of wide view of area

Example of close up



 Video shall be used for demonstration purposes and will be professionally presented. The style will be well lit and professional sound. Tri-pod or steady cams used.