Glass for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet glass provides a beautiful alternative to solid cabinetry and open shelving. Jubilee’s glass cabinet inserts keep out dust and contaminates from cooking while showcasing beautiful glasses, dinnerware.

Instead of buying new cabinets, you can upgrade what you have with custom glass inserts to re-invigorate your kitchen design and make your home feel new again. There are many selections to choose from including tempered or laminated glass for safety and security. We cut to size and install.

There are many variations with each basic styles:

Transparent: Clear glass with a beveled edge creates an elegant look and works with all architectural styles. Normal “clear” glass has a slightly green shade to it, but our “Ultra Clear” features a lower iron content and is less green as a result.

Seeded: The origin of hand-crafted seeded glass dates back hundreds of years. This glass is pocked with hundreds of tiny bubbles of varying sizes. In addition, each pane has a slightly wavy surface for an old-fashioned appeal perfect for more rustic looks. Seeded glass is great for lighted cabinets because the air bubbles catch the light making it sparkle.

Textured: There are many styles of textured glass from ripples to raindrops, pebbles, ribs, grooves and more. It’s remains popular not only because it adds contrasting texture to a kitchen, but also because it helps to artistically blur the details of cabinet contents.

Frosted: Frosted glass is blasted with abrasives to roughen its normally clear surface. Frosted glass ranges from mildly translucent to totally opaque.


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